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WW Plastic Bull Sheeting

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American Farmer on RFDTV features Helton, INC:

Helton, Inc is proud to announce the National Media debut for there Innovations in Agriculture on Squeeze Chute Louvers and Poly sheeting for cattle working systems. This episode features the Louvers and their stress reducing qualities, the sheeting we developed for WW Livestock Systems; as well as, information on the capabilities of Helton and our other products. “If you can get the animals through the cattle handling system with as low stress as possible and back to eating and grazing; that is where the profits are” says Dr. Warren Gill, Director, School of Agribusiness and Agriscience, MTSU. Speaking about the squeeze chute louvers, Brian West of WW Livestock Systems said “the animals are not looking for another way out, just at the headgate opening.” Air dates have been set for the following 6/11 8:30am, 9/15 1:30pm, and 9/24 8:30am. Channel 232 on Dish 345 on Direct, and channel 81 on Benlomand. The show will air more times throughout the year however times have not been set yet.

Helton, INC manufacturers a wide range of products for varying industry sectors. This presentation focuses on some of the Helton Agriculture products but demonstrates that those receive the same quality and attention to detail that all Helton products receive. This feature can also be seen on vimeo.

Here is the video on Vimeo: