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Urethane Dunnage Bars

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About this Project

Over the years Helton urethane has evolved however most all of the first design manufactured by us was Urethane Bars. With the ability to design in house, we customize each pocket to fit the parts we are packing. This proves to have better holding and part nesting ability keeping the parts safer during transit.

In recent years designs have changed and our Engineering staff has became very creative in ways to utilize our Urethane process.  But it is hard to get away from such a simple and effective way to package parts. The Engineering team has developed an array of different styles and designs for various applications.

Through out the years we have packed most any kind of automotive part in returnable packaging from steering wheels, transmissions, Motors and more. Our urethane has the flexibility to give if need with a softer material such as a 45 shore A material, however if you are looking for a Harder more durable part we can maximize the durometer at a 95 shore A urethane material.

Helton is a Custom Urethane Provider. With the ability to design and develop in house we can make every job a custom job. No mater what the part from Automotive, appliance, large truck, and more we can pack it. With the long history of packaging chances are we already have packed it.