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Urethane Dunnage Radiator Rack

Not all companies have engineers that are able to develop products and make changes to existing designs. We are often faced with what we jokingly call “Cardboard CAD”. This is a situation where the customer has mocked up a design to try and visualize what the end product will look like. We often find ourselves using this technique in the research & design stage of a project. This not only allows the customer to see what the end product may look like but also to make modifications to the design before a line is even drawn. While this is not the ideal way to design a project, it does allow both the customer and Helton to get a feel for what the end goal is.

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Cardboard mock up of hood
Final design of plastic hood
Cardboard mock up of splash guard
Final plastic design of splash guard
Cardboard mock up of fender
Final design of plastic fender