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Within the 40+ years in business, we have dealt with just about every component of a vehicle. We got our start when Nissan opened its plant in Smyrna, TN. We started off doing vac-form dunnage, packaging items such as door panels, hoods, etc; however, it was not long before we started packing a wider variety of dunnageable parts. To complement our Thermoformed Trays we also have Cast Urethane dunnage Capabilities With in house Engineering we can develop you key packaging needs. Helton has Designed material handling trays for a variety of manufacturing industries, including Automotive, Agriculture, Recreational, Appliance, and more. With the number of years Helton Plastics have been servicing the industry as a Custom Thermoformer we have had the ability to evolve our skills as a design house with some of the best engineers in the industry. Utilizing recyclable materials in most all our Dunnage solutions Our Engineering Team has developed packaging solutions for most all major manufactures in the market. Plastic Packaging Trays have become extremely versatile in the designs promoting multiple use as returnable packaging. Saving money and time so let Helton develop your next durable long lasting custom thermoformed solutions.

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Rolling Shelf Rack

Tie Rod Tray

Gasket Stacking Tray

Removable Tray

Small Parts Tray

Transmission Tray and Urethane Pad

Headliner Tray

Manifold Rack

Plastic Head Trays