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Urethane Dunnage / Returnable Dunnage

Urethane has been used for a number of years for the protection of parts. It is a proven cost-reducer on claims of damaged parts, maximizing profitability for the end user.

Urethane is a suitable, non-marking solution for many applications such as automotive returnable packaging, heavy machine parts, glass, painted parts, engine components, shock absorption, applications requiring chemical resistance, etc.

Helton realizes that when parts are being transported or stored from one point to another, a durable long lasting packaging solution is needed so products arrive safely. We have the capabilities to get your project from design and development to the shop floor. With our in-house tooling department and engineers, we are able to engineer a custom urethane part that will stand the test of time on any high impact or load bearing situation.

Our expert engineers are ready to solve your packaging needs. No matter what stage of the process, whether you have a packaging product that requires design or are looking for a quote on an existing project, we are eager to put our experience to the test and provide a successful solution. Contact Helton, Inc. today!

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