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Powder River Chute Louver Blinder

Purpose: To limit the sight of the animal while in the handling system to allow for smoother, calmer operation and transition through.

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  • Fits most all makes and models of existing chutes
  • Its animal safe due to “Rubber Like” cast urethane material and its flexible nature
  • No sharp edges or ridges to harm animal or operator
  • This material has been tested in the automotive industry as a packaging solution for automotive parts and proven to be durable
  • Easily snaps on or off for animal access during cattle handling
  • Portable for use on different working facilities
  • Lowers stress levels in cattle therefore increasing efficiency of health aids administered while in the chute
  • Rust and cracking resistance due to UV stable material




  • Shipping Dimensions 23” x 7” x 2.25”
  • The Chute Louver is designed to snap on at a 45 degree angel to the animal travel path. The Design took into mind cattle have 300 degrees of sight due to having eyes on the side of their head. We have limited their peripheral view to obscure outside activity. This allows the louver to work toward the “Flight Zone” of the cattle. Once an animal gets past its point of “Balance” (90 degrees from animals front shoulder) their instinct is to move away from the movement.
  • Cattle also can see color. By utilizing black material, louvers shade and blend all shadows and reflections, keeping smooth transitions through chute.
  • The number of louvers used can be modified, depending on chute design, personal preference and working style.

1.3″ Diameter for Chutes; recommend 5 louvers for operator’s side and 10 louvers recommended to cover both sides of chute