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Quality Plastic Packaging Trays For Better Shipping

Today more than ever before it is important to have access to the very best in packaging trays and packaging accessories to ensure a safe journey when shipping items locally or across the world. The right type of packaging and shipping trays can make a huge difference in how a shipment arrives at its destination. Thermoformed trays or plastic packaging trays offer excellent protection for items being shipped. While there are other ways to package pieces, parts and components as well as multi-piece retail items, only plastic packaging trays provide an affordable and reliable solution.

Trays That Help To Contain and Control Items

Thermoformed plastic packaging trays are easy and convenient to work with. In many cases they can simply be an open flat bottom type of tray or they can be something more complex, designed to meet specific shape requirements. Shipping trays that are formed in this way offer maximum protection to individual items. Trays that help to contain and control items in a shipment only serve to improve bottom-line performance for companies large and small alike. Whether it is consumer goods or the industrial sector, one thing is sure and that is that plastic packaging trays truly do make a big difference.

Pieces That are Intended To Comprise a Larger Product

With so much to offer it is clear to see why packaging and shipping trays that are made of plastic are the preferred type of material for modern shipping solutions. Thermoformed trays are excellent for shipping industrial components and for transporting items required on an assembly line. These trays can also be used to contain specific pieces that are to comprise a larger product or component. Offering maximum protection for parts, pieces and components, plastic packaging trays that can be either clear or opaque are a smart choice in modern manufacturing and industry. Contact Helton, Inc. today to learn more about plastic packaging trays that get results for manufacturing and industry.