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During the design phase, an important factor to consider is the end-use of a product. We will determine what materials will best be suited as an insert for your urethane in regards to mounting to certain structures, machines, racks, plastic boxes, etc.
Multiple things can be used pending application such as metal, plastic, and wood. On some occasions, these encapsulated items are used as a filler to help lower cost of the end product. Often times, pending the application, these encapsulated objects serve as strengtheners for the urethane.
Inserts can be completely encapsulated or extrude out of the urethane pending the needs of the application. Frequently in our manufacturing and bonding process, the bond between the encapsulated item and urethane will exceed the tear strength of the urethane.


Metal / Bolts wood Plates Plastic


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As a customer of Helton Manufacturing for over six years, they have proven to be among our very best suppliers. Excellent quality and design support. Fast delivery, we could not ask for better. Those fortunate enough to select them surely will not be disappointed.

- Tom Coulson, Gen Mgr, Urethane Innovators

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