Quality Dunnage Trays Make a Big Difference

Having access to quality returnable packaging and other dunnage related accessories is essential for today’s modern and progressive businesses. Most importantly, quality dunnage trays can make a big difference in protecting inventory from damage or loss. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable team of experts in the dunnage business is the best way to ensure that quality returnable packaging and dunnage is sourced for your business. A dedicated team of professionals with an in-house engineering operation and a tooling department can typically produce the best results when it comes to dunnage trays.


Custom Thermoformed Plastics


Equally important is to make certain that you work with a plastics professional that produces a wide range of custom thermoformed plastics and molded urethane from scratch as well as when making use of existing designs. Whether it is totes, racks or boxes as well as complex entire package products that use recyclable materials, one company has stood the test of time. Helton, Inc. is a reliable and dependable source for high quality plastic thermoformed dunnage trays and accessories. The company brings years of experience to the table and has worked with a wide range of clientele in the past.


Protect Your Inventory and Maintain Profits


From military applications to industrial and educational use, there are many varied instances where professionally manufactured plastic trays are needed. With urethane dunnage and a wide range of modern and innovative plastics, Helton, Inc. can help to ensure that your project turns out as expected. Adequate shock absorption in packaging is absolutely essential as a way to prevent abrasions, marks, scuffs and breakage. Working with Helton, Inc. is the best way to protect your inventory and maintain profits at the highest levels. Contact Helton, Inc. today to learn more about dunnage trays that are always designed to last.

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“Helton Plastics delivered a quality product on schedule and on budget. We will definitely use them again”

- Chris Marlow, Project Engineer, Franklin Engineering Group

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