Custom Urethane Bars For Unique Packaging Solutions

Industry and those in manufacturing as well as a wide range of retail operators frequently require an array of different types of custom fit urethane bars used in dunnage. As a truly custom packaging solution, urethane bars are important in protecting parts and components especially during transportation phases. Parts including everything from door panels to glass pieces and bumpers as well as suspension parts and engines in addition to many other pieces benefit substantially from high-quality custom urethane bars.


Automobile Industry


Keeping parts and pieces associated with the automobile industry safe during transit can be as easy as choosing the right type of urethane bar products. Even parts that are simply being moved from one part of a manufacturing plant to another can easily become damaged if not properly protected. Urethane bars offer the perfect solution for those in the automobile industry wishing to maintain profitability and reduce component damage costs. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable team of plastics engineers is the best way to source quality urethane bars.


Urethane Bars


While there are a number of choices when it comes to plastics manufacturers who specialize in custom urethane bars, one company has consistently outpaced the competition year after year. Helton Inc. is a trusted name in unique thermoform and plastic parts and urethane components such as urethane bars. With an in-house engineering department, the company works closely with customers to ensure the perfect solution every time. Regardless of your packaging needs, Helton is always standing by ready to assist. With a premier tool shop, the company can produce tools and molds to quickly move a project from design to production. Contact Helton Inc today to learn more about high-quality custom urethane bars for all your modern packaging needs.

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"I purchased the Helton Tractor Top for my old 165 Massey Ferguson which really dresses up my old tractor as well as offering protection from the sun and rain. I am very pleased and happy with the tractor top."

- Loyd Wood

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