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  In the automotive industry and where returnable packaging is necessary, cast urethane products play a key role in keeping businesses going strong year after year. Other components produced in the cast urethane process include custom seats and pipe identification. Flexible urethane blinders as well as many components used in agriculture are frequently produced through casting urethane. In addition, cast urethane bumpers and cast urethane bushing as well as cast urethane bumper racks are commonly manufactured today.   Urethane Inserts and Urethane Dunnage   Today cast urethane is an essential part of manufacturing, industry and retail. Urethane inserts and urethane dunnage are just a few more examples of how this innovative and affordable material can be used. Regardless of how unique or specialized a project is urethane can get the job done. Cast urethane tooling is particularly important in the tooling of a wide array of automotive items as discussed. Bumpers made using the cast urethane process are more cost effective than with other options.   Cast Urethane Manufactures   Bushing produced using urethane is a popular choice today as a preferred material for production. Bumper racks made of cast urethane are equally as impressive and offer excellent protection for car parts in the shipping stage. Helton, Inc. is a trusted and a respected name in a full array of cast urethane products. The company is dedicated to providing only the highest quality products at the most reasonable pricing. With years of experience and a commitment to quality customer service few other cast urethane manufactures can compare.   Custom Manufacturing of Thermoformed Plastic   Having served industry and retail since the 1970s, Helton, Inc. is a plastics company that simply gets it right. The custom manufacturing of thermoformed plastic components is always done with the customer in mind. From cast urethane bumpers to cast urethane bumper racks and cast urethane

Today, more than ever before plastic plays an essential role in modern business operation. It is economical and easy to work with across a variety of situations. Plastic is versatile and can be used for so many applications that it has quickly become the preferred material when affordable pieces and components are needed for business and industry. Custom plastic thermoformers routinely meet the needs of businesses by using thermoforming as an excellent method of manufacturing unique plastic parts of all sizes and shapes. Heated to a Precise Temperature Plastic parts made through the use of plastic thermoforming are pleasing to the eye and durable. Keep in mind that the thermoforming process is rather simple in nature but is also highly effective and very cost efficient. It involves the preheating of thin plastic sheets. Once the plastic has been heated to a precise temperature it is then brought into contact with a specifically shaped mold. The plastic then takes the shape of the mold. For this forming to happen requires that there be either mechanical force or pressure or perhaps even a vacuum. Thermoformers Know the Process Perhaps most notable of all with regard to plastic thermoformed parts is that close tolerances are possible. Those sourcing plastic parts from a thermoformer can expect sharp detailed pieces and components with exacting and tight specifications. From dunnage to agriculture and even the manufacturing of furniture, plastic thermoforming is an essential type of process that cannot be ignored today. The creation of signage as well as many different types of tooling and engineering parts make use of innovative plastic thermoformers’ work. Exceeds the Expectations of Customers Helton, Inc. is a trusted and reliable source for the best in plastic thermoformer produced parts, pieces and components. Having served businesses since the 1970s the company consistently exceeds the expectations of clients and customers. Producing quality is what the company does best. Superior customer satisfaction is always a top priority along with manufacturing reliability and

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